Dr. Abdullah is one of the best specialist at Mitcham and Knox. She's highly regarded for her advance skills and her warm friendly approach to patients care.
Sahar's obstetric practice encompasses all modes of delivery and both uncomplicated and high risk pregnancies

Limiting the number of patients booked in makes specialised personal service possible.


Women’s Health

Dr. Sahar Abdullah understands, respects and cares about women from all cultures and beliefs, and she is sensitive towards their issues.


Having a baby

Choosing an Obstetrician is often an extremely personal decision. Dr. Abdullah is an experienced Obstetrician in Mitcham, Knox and North-Park who passionate bout helping women through their pregnancy journey.




Mitcham Private Hospital, Knox Private Hospital, North-Park Private Hospital, Box Hill Hospital


My prenatal and labour experience with Dr. Sahar Abdullah was second to none. She was open minded about giving me the birth experience that I wanted which meant so much to me personally as a mum-to-be; ensuring that health was a priority and monitored me very closely with a very individualized touch and plan. We couldn’t thank her enough and will certainly be consulting her for our future pregnancies.


Dr. Sahar Abdullah delivered my daughter in 2016. She was amazing, she is very easy to chat with and was always available to answer questions out side of appointments and her experience really showed. I felt very well looked after. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.



I had my vaginal hysterectomy with Dr. Abdullah. She was knowledgeable, ,warm,calm, experienced and friendly.